We're here to raise awareness to the carnage caused by drink drivers

and to help raise money for the UK road safety charity BRAKE 




The Tony Blount Foundation was launched    on March 30th 2013, to coincide with what    should have been Tony's 50th birthday.

Tony was killed when a speeding car being driven by a 19 year old drunk driver collided into three of us as we made our way home in the early hours of January 22nd 2006. Our brother in law Mike Mortimer was also injured, and I suffered serious multiple injuries as we were thrown into the car's windscreen, onto the roof, and into the air, and finally coming to a painful thud back onto the road. 

I am now partially disabled due to the severity of my injuries, and due to other illnesses from which I now suffer I am lots of different medications to help ease the pain I feel constantly in my body.

 The aim of The Tony Blount Foundation website is to raise much needed awareness to the dangers of drinking and driving, and the terrible injuries and death suffered by the countless innocent victims on our roads every single day. I became a volunteer to the UK Road Safety Charity BRAKE to help others who may have suffered the same fate as our family did/do, and to help in the case of significantly reducing the UK's legal drink driving limit similar to the rest of Europe, or to see a "Zero-Tolerance' to drinking and driving altogether. Not A Drop. If that was the case, then there would be NO excuse for taking the risk and driving your car home after a night at the pub, or restaurant and wondering if you are still 'safe' to drive after a drink or two.

Our laws need changing, and they need changing now! How many more innocent lives must be lost and seriously altered due to a drink driver? Please help us to make that difference and sign our petition (see tabs at top of this page) calling on the Government to act now on this issue.


Also as a  Brake Volunteer I like to raise money for the charity through The Tony Blount Foundation by selling items on our Online Shop page. Wristbands, Key rings, Pens, Car Window Stickers and CD's performed by me. March 2014 saw our first charity night event at the Boom Bar in Hull, one of many regular events we shall be holding in the future on the last Friday of every March.

So please help. Sign our petition, buy our merchandise, and support our charity nights is you are able, or simply press the DONATE button on this page.


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